• Getting jumped at the Las Vegas dump…what is a photographer to do?

    March 22, 2012

    We bought our house in the fall that was vacant for about a year. Because no one was living in it, the plants did not get watered so just about all the bushes and trees were dead when we moved in. Whenever I’ve found the time, I’ve been yanking up trees, trimming and digging and trying to plan ahead for what the end result of my yards will be. With all this work comes the dreaded cleanup so I threw as many old plants into the back of the truck as it could hold and off to the dump I went. Along the way, a big chunk of tree caught the right amount of air at the right speed and it soared backwards out of the truck and onto Boulder Highway. I pulled over, stopped and ran into the middle of the street to pick up my mess, loaded it back up with the rest of the wooden prisoners and I was back on track. I made it to the transfer station and pulled into door #2 where I was directed to drop the payload behind some garbage. I briefly wondered why they had to be so picky and moved on. I yanked everything out of the truck like Hercules on steroids. I hurled the trees into a large pile. I chucked the wood (that a woodchuck did NOT chuck) with a mighty heave and swept the back of the truck out with my trusty broom.

    “–sniff– Ahh…smell that? That’s not garbage. That’s manliness in the air!”

    I entered the truck like any manly man would and turned the key to the ignition.

    No sound.

    I turned it again.

    Still no sound.

    My manly manliness was now diminished to a boyish gulp.

    “Now what?” I thought. “I might be here for days–weeks! I’ll have to abandon the truck and live among the garbage until help arrives and who knows when that will be?’

    My despair was met with the perfect timing of a Uhaul truck entering door #2. Three men exited the box truck and I asked them if they could please jump the truck’s battery. They agreed and proceeded to empty their truck of garbage. I joined them in their work and helped unload their payload. My boyish tepidness was now once again transformed into the hulk of coagulated manliness again. I gripped and tossed rolls of carpet and dust filled my lungs as I propelled more trash and chicken wing boxes several yards from the Uhaul. When we were finished, the strangers attached the jumper cables to their truck and my truck’s engine awoke from the dust and breathed new life. I thanked them again for their help and I entered my truck again as manly as I knew how.

    The green truck I helmed followed the exit signs as the blaring horns and beeping tractors sent me on my way. I knew I’d be back again someday, but next time, I would not turn off my engine.


    My sister gave birth to her baby boy a few weeks ago so I of course had to create some images of the new little newborn. Here are my favorites from the session.

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    Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of you!



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