September 30, 2010

    October will be here tomorrow and that means we’re getting into the holidays. This is a busy time of year for Las Vegas family photographers and it can be quite a stressful time for those getting their portrait taken. That’s why this post I’m dedicating to surviving your family portrait!

    HAVE FUN! Breathe, relax, and have fun! These portraits aren’t going to be  your run of the mill, factory pictures that so many of us have had in the past. These portraits are going to make you look great! The experience will be a great time for you all and these images are made to convey your family’s unique personality.

    CLOTHES: When you call and discuss your family portraits we are going to discuss clothing options. Clothing is extremely important for a number of reasons:

    • Clothes can either make you look 10 pounds lighter or 10 pounds heavier. Darker clothing helps you look thinner and lighter clothing can do the opposite.
    • Your clothing choice you choose will help ensure the timeless quality of your portrait. I always want my portraits to be looked at 50 years from now and when someone looks at it they can say, “Wow! This looks like it was taken yesterday!”  It is highly recommended that you avoid distracting patterns. Although they look great in person the patterns will draw attention away from the faces of the subjects in your family portrait. Lastly, it is not required that you all match but it is important to keep your clothing the same overall tonality. Earth tones work best to not distract from faces and keep your skin tone looking beautiful. Your images will be amazing with the right clothing choices. Here is a quick example on how clothes can distract from faces:

    Notice how the one distracting shirt color can take all of your attention instantly away from the faces!

    • LOCATION: Is there a location that has special meaning to you and your family? Having your portrait taken in a location that is unique to your family will help make the artwork even more special for you to enjoy. Wherever it will be, we will have fun!
    • TIME: There is no need to rush your portraits. A session will typically last 45-60 minutes. I am definitely a quality over quantity portrait artist. I want everyone to look great in their images. We will have time to photograph the entire group and breakdowns of couples, kids, individuals during the session.
    • CHRISTMAS CARDS: We have a beautiful selection of Christmas cards to choose from and we can also create something custom for you! It is vitally important to get these ordered as soon as possible to ensure you will receive them before Christmas. After December 10th there is no guarantee that you will have the cards before Christmas unless a rush charge is added to your order. The early bird gets the worm so please do not put this off.
    • SELECTION: Two things will happen when you schedule your family portrait session with TNG Photography. #1 Your session date will be scheduled and #2 Your viewing appointment will be scheduled. The viewing will take place at least 3 days after your session and your images will be viewed in the comfort of your home. The process is fun, enjoyable and easy! Here we will look at the color palette of your home’s decor and discuss the best sizing and framing options for where your portrait will be displayed.
    • WHAT DO I DO NEXT? Call TNG Photography at 809-9763 and schedule your family portrait session! I look forward to speaking with you soon!

    Psst! Mention this blog post and your session fee will go towards your portrait order!



  • VIP

    September 21, 2010

    I’m really excited about this! We have been turning the gears in our noggins for a while now trying to come up with a great referral program that will help us get more great clients to create beautiful images for and at the same time rewarding our referrers for their raving about us!

    Introducing the new TNG Photography VIP Referral Program!

    Right click and select “View image” to view larger!

    For those of you who would rather read it here:

    Here’s how it works:


    Simply tell everyone about TNG Photography; your friends, co-workers, family, neighbors or anyone else you feel would make a great TNG Photography client! When your referral books a session then you and your referral will receive a few special perks! Plus, with every referral you submit, each referral affiliate will be entered into our Grand Prize drawing at the end of the year! The more referrals you make, the better your chances of winning!



    Family & Children Portraits Referral: If your referral schedules a session, you will receive a $50 TNG Photography Gift Card for any future session and your referral will receive $50 off their session fee! If your referral orders a framed 30×40 or larger, you will receive a $100 gift card to Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace or the Grand Lux Café in the Venetian!


    HS Senior Referral: If your referral schedules a senior portrait session with TNG Photography, you will receive a $25 TNG Photography Gift Card and your referral will receive $25 off their portrait package order.


    Wedding Referral: If your wedding referral results in a booking, you will receive a $50 TNG Photography Gift Card and a “TNG Photo Movie Night” including 2 tickets to any Regal Cinemas and a $50 gift card to your choice of Macayo’s Mexican Restaurant, The Grand Lux Café at the Venetian or Joe’s Stone Crab in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace…oh, and your referral will receive a $100 credit towards any album order!


    Pet Portrait Referral: Your referral receives $25 off their session fee and you receive a $25 TNG Photography Gift Card!


    Commercial Portrait Referral: If your referral schedules their commercial portraits with TNG Photography you will receive a $50 TNG Photography Gift Card and your referral will get a whopping $25 off their session fee!



    At the end of the year, TNG Photography will have a drawing for the grand prize of:


    • 2 night stay at the luxurious Zion’s Edge Cabin (10 minutes from Zion National Park)
    • $350 TNG Photography Portrait Credit


    That’s not all!


    At the end of the year, whoever has given the most referrals will be in for a special treat! Our top referral affiliate will receive:

    • Dinner for 2 at The Grand Lux Café in the Venetian
    • 2 Tickets to The Phantom of the Opera in the Venetian



    We know you love TNG Photography so make sure you share the love with everyone you know! Send us an e-mail with the subject, “REFER” and we will send you a set of TNG Photography pass along cards to refer your friends and family! Just please include your contact information.


    Thank you everyone! Feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions.-Nate




    September 8, 2010

    A few months ago we noticed out by our air conditioner that there was a mysterious plant growing through our bushes and around our A/C unit. Kendra took the time one day to pull it out and we thought that was the end of it…nope. It grew back and now we are in awe at just how fast this mystery plant grows! It was growing along our back door and within 2 or 3 days it seemed to grow another foot and now it’s well, turning into something from a classic B-movie!

    (Yes, we have a drinking fountain. 🙂 ) As you can see, the plant seems to have devoured our pooper scooper and is heading north up the concrete to possibly strangle the nearest sprinkler head. We were planning on pulling it up again but we ended up leaving it alone because we are curious as to how gigantic it is going to get and whether or not it will start singing musical theater and wanting to eat people in our neighborhood (in particular, our dentist). Like this guy -> 

    Do any of you know what kind of plant this is?


    http://www.TNGphoto.com  <- The new website should be up by the end of September. Just in time for the family portrait season! I can’t wait!

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