• “My knee!”

    February 14, 2009

    So the other day I looked in the mirror and realized, “Oh…my…gosh. My hair is as thick as a husky’s.” I got in my car and headed down to where I typically get my hair cut. I tend to think that because of how simple of a hairstyle I have (military cut) that stylists love having me there because they’re done working on me in 5 minutes. So at around 4:59 minutes into the cut, I was all done, ready to leave. The nice lady took the nylon sheet thing off from around my neck and I stood up, turned around, only to see her falling, quite slowly, to the floor. Have you ever been close to a person who tripped, but as they were falling, you froze, helpless and useless? That was me as she was heading down to the cold, tile salon floor. She had tripped on her own razor’s extension cord. As she rolled onto her back she was in a little bit of pain saying, “My knee!” while holding her forehead with both hands. By the looks of it, I thought she hit her head but I guess her knee hurt more.

    I helped her up and we sat her in a chair that normally sits a customer and I tried to make light of the situation and cheer her up. She was obviously embarrassed but we all know what it’s like to fall in front of a people. Not fun. It’s funny LATER though. 🙂 I’m definitely no stranger to falling. I’ll tell you one of my hundreds of “clumsy Nate” stories. For now though, enjoy this hilarious video of people falling and be happy that they’re all OK and you weren’t in the videos! 🙂


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