• Bringing Back the Aloha

    May 20, 2019

    Meet Wendy Woodruff. I had the pleasure of creating her new headshots recently as she is undergoing a career change. Wendy is jumping into the realty world! She’s going to be incredible! My entire time spent with her was so comfortable and enjoyable. Wendy is one of those people who is naturally genuine and so easy to speak with on any conceivable topic. Her experience in dealing with people is going to transfer over to realty with ease, no doubt. Below is a quick little interview so you can get to know her!


    Tell a little bit about your business/your work/etc…

    I’m a real estate consultant.

    What inspired you to go this route?

    My passion for being of service to others.

    Wendy Wooruff Realtor las vegas headshot photographer

    What do your customers expect from you?

    Traditional real estate agents spend the majority of their time soliciting the public looking for their next client, which leaves little time to personally see to their clients’ needs. As a Real Estate Consultant, I’m 100% focused on consulting, negotiating and overseeing all the details for my clients throughout the process, keeping their best interests foremost in my mind. I’m committed to making the home buying and selling experience the best it can possibly be.

    What are you most proud of with your business/work?

    I work with a talented team of experts in their field who support me in providing each client with the knowledge, resources and information they need to make choices in their own best interest. I love building relationships that last long after the real estate transaction is completed.

    Have anything special planned for 2019?

    To continue building my business, one client at a time. My purpose is making sure my clients are so outrageously happy with the help I provide that they gladly introduce me to the people they care about, not because they feel obligated but because they truly believe they will benefit from my assistance.

    If I may be of service to you or someone you know, please contact me at 702-301-0129 or email wendy@brownellteamrealtors.com. I look forward to helping you!

    Wendy Wooruff Realtor las vegas headshot photographer

    Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to give me a call at (702)809-9763 for your own headshots. I want to work with YOU!


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