• Las Vegas Senior Photos — Tips to Decide Which Photographer Is Right For You

    March 6, 2014

    If you’re a high school senior and you’re ready for the very best senior photography in Las Vegas and Henderson, check out TNGseniors.com and call or text (702)809-9763 ! Your Instagram followers will love you…

    Every now and then, I check out Google (have you ever heard of them? I think I’m the first one to use that site.) and read certain helpful lists that I come across. One of these lists is usually from a wedding planning site and it usually has a few tips on “What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer” or something along those lines. Oftentimes, the advice is good but other times, there is just some plain ol’ terrible advice! I saw one tip actually recommend that a bride should hire her relative to photograph the wedding but not skimp out on the most expensive cake in town. Anyway, I decided to write up my own little list but for senior photos! Enjoy!

    1) Yearbook photographers aren’t REAL photographers.

    Yep, you heard me! Yearbook photographers get contracts with schools to photograph their yearbooks and want you to think you don’t have any other options for senior pictures. While you do have to go to them for your yearbook photo, you DO NOT have to use them for anything else. You might think it’s convenient to take the photos with them since you’re already there but this decision will only be more hassle for you (you’ll probably not like how they turn out and end up calling me). How do I know? Once upon a time when I was freshly graduated from high school I worked for a local yearbook photographer. They had me take all these pictures when I had absolutely NO training whatsoever at the time. Do you want photos in the prime of your life that will be seen by hundreds of people as well as be heirlooms for future generations done by someone with NO training, NO experience, and NO vision? Or would you rather have a photographic artist who specializes in creating unique and long lasting senior portraits that will make you say, “WOW!” It’s a no brainer guys! Check out: TNGseniors.com

    las vegas senior photo

    2) It’s not OK to look like a statue.

    Look at the portfolio of the photographer’s work and if you think looking like a Civil War portrait from 1864 is what you want then great. Otherwise, don’t settle for the other boring and downright bad posing that other photographers abundantly display. Go here and rest easy: TNGseniors.com

    keep calm photographer

    3) Senior photos are the best!

    Your senior photographer should LOVE taking senior portraits. I’m talkin’ having crazy, unhealthy and almost unbelievable love for taking senior photos. You DON’T want a photographer who is in it for a quick buck and just going through the motions. If you want to know what that would be like to have an unenthusiastic photographer, imagine being photographed by Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Not fun.

    HEY! Did I mention that senior portraits are my absolute favorite line of work? 🙂 Check out: TNGseniors.com

    las vegas senior photos

    las vegas senior portraits


    Class of 2014: Get the best senior portraits in Las Vegas here! www.TNGseniors.com

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