• With all the family portraits lately…

    December 11, 2012

    There was an small shred of time to photograph this little 11 month old. At this time of year, it’s very busy photographing families here in Las Vegas and I get a lot of last minute or spur of the moment requests to photograph great people at this time of year. If I can make the time, I will do the work. This is the busiest time of year for me and I love to be busy!

    This little guy was such a fun baby! He’s only about two weeks younger than my own son and they are about the same size and both happy kids. Happy kids are the best, aren’t they? One thing I love about these images is his little black suit. The suit was actually worn by his great grandfather (if I’m not mistaken) when he was a baby. What a great tradition!

    Here are some of my personal favorites from this fun session in their home.

    Leave a comment and tell me your family’s Christmas traditions!

    Don’t forget that the holidays are the PERFECT TIME to have a family portrait created! Even during this busy time of year, I can make room to create something very beautiful and truly meaningful for you and your family. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! CALL TODAY (702)809-9763



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