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    February 24, 2016

    Today, I thought I’d feature a fun and ultra-friendly businesswoman, Brooke Flake of SociaLite. She specializes in taking care of social media marketing so that business owners can focus their attention and time on other things. Check out her website and see if she can help you and your business!


    1) Tell us about what you do.

    We’ve all heard that “the best advertising is word of mouth,” but today people are “talking” more on social media than anywhere else. I help businesses join that conversation and connect with current and future customers online! I spend my days creating custom social media strategies, generating creative content, interacting with my client’s fans, designing targeted ads, running contests, monitoring growth and ROI and staying up on the latest in social media trends. My job is to provide social media that drives results for busy business owners, so they can get back to doing what they do best!

    las vegas business headshots

    2) What inspires you about your work?

    I love how powerful social media can be for creating and strengthening relationships, personally and professionally. I love to show business owners how we can harness that power and turn current and future customers into advocates and evangelists for their brand. I love that you don’t need a big ad in the yellow pages anymore. A small, passionate group of people on social media can (and will) tell the world about you!


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    3) What separates you the most from your competitors?

    I’m competitively priced while providing really high quality services. My content is never spammy or generic–everything is directly relevant to my client’s business and really consistent with brand identity and the strategy. I don’t use techniques that inflate numbers to impress clients. I focus on building a highly targeted, quality audience for your business comprised of the people who are most likely to become paying customers.


    las vegas headshots

    4) What do your customers expect from you?

    My clients depend on me to really listen to them. Each business is unique and has their own goals. I take the time right away to really understand those goals and create a winning social media strategy specifically tailored to achieve them. My clients expect creative content, responsiveness to their fans, monthly ROI-based reports on results, open communication, and complete dedication to the success of their business on social media!

    las vegas headshots

    5) What are you most proud of with your line of work?

    I’m really proud of my ability to channel the business owner’s unique style and vision when I do my work for them. I put a lot of time and effort into understanding their brand so I can be true to it.

    Thanks so much for reading, and thanks to the incredibly talented Nate for these great shots! If you’re curious about what I could do for your business on social media, let’s chat! I’m offering $50 in targeted digital advertising FREE to any TNG Photography Blog readers who work with me in February or March! You can reach me at brooke@socialitebranding.com or 702-706-3626. Please visit my website as well!



    las vegas business headshots




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