• Family and Life in Las Vegas Blog (Interview)

    February 28, 2013

    I’m really enjoying these interviews I’m posting! If you want to be featured (it’s FREE) on the blog, send me a message here: http://www.TNGphoto.com/contact.html

    Today’s post is an interview with Emily. She runs a very popular and informative blog that focuses on life and family in Las Vegas. She’s incredibly nice and very passionate about helping our community’s parents get the most out of their parenting and life with kids here in the valley. Make sure you check out her blog here: http://www.familylifeinlv.com/ Now, onto the interview!


    1)      Tell a little bit about your blog…

    When my son was born I started a blog in an effort to keep long distance family and friends up to date on all that was happening in his life.  What started off as a way to update family turned into a renewed love of writing for me.  I realized writing was a passion, and I began sharing not only photos and updated on my son, but also reviews of products that my family used and loved.  Three and a half years later I love sharing photos and updates of both my sons, product reviews, fitness endeavors, and generally just share my journey into motherhood and all the ups and downs that go along with it.

    Las Vegas family portraits

    2)      What inspired you to start your own blog?

    See above – my boys are my biggest inspirations in every aspect of my life, my blog is no exception.

    las vegas maternity portraits

    3)      What do you feel is the biggest appeal of your blog?

    I think being a mom is the most rewarding job out there, but it can also be one of the hardest.  With so many products on the market, and parenting styles out there it can be really hard to know what will work for your family.  I love that my blog has helped me share my voice in parenting and also allowed me to gush about great companies and awesome products!  If one person reads my blog on breastfeeding, sleep training, teething tips, or the lessons our children teach us and takes something away from it, I think that is worth it!

    las vegas newborn portraits photography

    4)      What do you consider your big break—turning point?

    Each comment I get from a parent I have never met that has thanked me for my post, sharing my voice, or writing a review makes my blog worth it, but I have to say being asked not once but twice to go on a press trip with Disney is pretty amazing.  I got to meet stars and go places that I never in a million years thought my blog would take me to!  Getting to put my arm around Hugh Jackman was pretty darn awesome! (Sorry Hubby!!)

    father baby portrait las vegas

    5)      What is your deal breaker?

    I don’t know that I have a “deal breaker” per say.  I have had times, like after the birth of my second child, where I have wanted to slow down and blogged less frequently.  My family is always going to come first in my life, and there will be times that my blog reflects that.  With my husband frequently deploying for his job, writing is my me time, my sanity.  I think when I stop loving what I am doing I will find a way to restructure, but I don’t see that happening anytime in the near future!

    las vegas newborn photography

    6)      Have anything special planned for 2013?

    My blog has always been a reflection of what is going on in my family’s lives.  With the birth of my second son only a couple of months ago you can expect that this next year will be filled with parenting posts, product reviews, and lots of pictures of my two cuties!

    newborn photography black and white

    Emily Knight

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    A big THANK YOU to Emily for taking the time to be interviewed! Don’t forget to check out her blog here: http://www.familylifeinlv.com/






  • The Desert Skye Pipes and Drums

    February 8, 2013

    I’ve decided to start a new tradition this year for this little Las Vegas photography blog. I get to meet so many interesting people as a photographer so I’m going to be featuring local businesses, interesting or distinguished people, movers/shakers, etc. through short interviews. I’m so excited to be an interviewer! Just try to imagine Jay Leno’s voice asking the questions. 🙂

    For my first interview, I chose something you don’t see everyday; a bagpiping band! Introducing, the DESERT SKYE PIPES AND DRUMS.

    las vegas bagpiping band photo

    Tell a little bit about your band…

    Desert Skye Pipes & Drums is a local pipe band, with headquarters right here in
    Las Vegas and is the only civilian pipe band in Southern Nevada. At the present
    time we have a membership of 18 Pipers and 12 Drummers.
    Desert Skye Pipes & Drums is led by Pipe Major Andrew Fusco and Drum
    Sergeant Reggie Rader.

    las vegas event photographer

    What inspired the band to be created?
    Desert Skye Pipes & Drums was formed in 1999 by Danny Packer, who served
    as the first Pipe Major, with the goal of promoting Celtic culture throughout
    Southern Nevada through the performance of traditional Scottish Highland music.
    From that time, we have remained the premiere pipe band in Southern Nevada.
    Our main function is to promote Celtic culture, but we are much more than that!
    We are a competition band, a performance and entertainment band, a teaching
    organization and a cultural group.
    Desert Skye proudly wears the official Nevada State Tartan, which was designed
    by one of our original members.

    las vegas bagpiping photos

    What do you feel is the biggest appeal of your group and your music?
    The biggest appeal is definitely the overpowering sound of the band produced by
    one of the most exciting musical instruments on earth, the Great Highland
    Bagpipe. When you combine the Bagpipes with the Scottish drums, you have a
    sound that is unequaled anywhere! People love the sound of a Scottish Pipe
    Band. Also, seeing the band dressed in the traditional kilt evokes memories of
    the romantic history of Scotland as well as memories of the many years of the
    Scottish wars fighting for independence.
    As part of the band’s goal to promote Scottish music and show support for the
    community of Las Vegas, the band plays at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the
    Veteran’s Day Parade and the Helldorado Parade as well as other community
    events put on by the St. Andrew’s Society of Southern Nevada, the Las Vegas
    Celtic Society and the Las Vegas Highland Dance Association. The band
    routinely appears on stage, performing with the Sharon Lynn Academy of Irish
    Dance. We are proud to be able to perform with pipers and drummers from the
    local fire and police departments on special occasions.

    band photography

    Have anything special planned for 2013?
    The goal of the band for the coming year is to grow in number of members, as
    well as to raise our performances to an even higher level of musical excellence.
    We plan to attend at least four different Highland Games throughout the West to
    perform with other pipe band and to enter the pipe band competitions. Based on
    last years performances in those band competitions, we expect this year, to place
    first or second in every competition.
    Desert Skye Pipes & Drums will once again be the host band for the Las Vegas
    Celtic Gathering and Highland Games, as we have been for the past five years.
    Also, we have several classes planned for those interested in learning to play the
    Great Highland Bagpipe or Scottish Drums. We teach beginners even if they
    have no music experience what so ever and we have a place in the band for all
    skill levels. If you are interested in learning the Great Highland Bagpipe or
    Highland Drums, give us a call or visit our website at www.desertskye.org.

    If you have any questions or would like to get pricing information for hiring the full
    band or solo piper to play at your function, please call us at:
    Pipe Major Andrew Fusco 702-518-7473
    Band Director Van W. Frazier 702-994-5314
    Desert Skye Pipes & Drums…Keeping Celtic pride alive in the Silver State


    A HUGE thank you to the Desert Skye Pipes and Drums for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. Don’t forget to check out their website: www.desertskye.org





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