• Outdoor Senior Photos in Las Vegas

    May 2, 2013

    I had a few really fun sessions recently. It’s senior season again and this is when my mind switches to overdrive! Seniors are challenging portraits for many reasons–each person has a unique personality to convey, different body types to flatter, and lighting in the warming desert is always a challenge, just to name a few. I was thinking the other night about how senior photos will be seen by more people than any other portrait except maybe your wedding photos. There’s a lot of pressure for seniors to look good to their friends and their classmates. No one wants to look unnatural, corny or embarrassing…luckily, and this is going to sound cocky but, I’m extremely good at making sure seniors WON’T be embarrassed. 🙂 Enjoy the portraits!

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    prom photography las vegas

    Ok, so these aren’t really seniors but I couldn’t resist posting it! These are actually juniors who were only about an hour away from heading to their prom and they wanted some nice images created of themselves in this beautiful location. After we took some portraits by the fountain, I hopped into the bed of this young man’s truck and he drove us down the street a few blocks to this great area right in the middle of the neighborhood. I was a little nervous here and there though because sprinklers kept turning on and off in the hedges across the street from us so we made our escape plans with each other just in case the water turned on where we were. Luckily, we made it out alive and no sprinklers laid a hand on us. 🙂

    lacrosse player photography las vegas

    I had a ton of fun with this lacrosse player’s senior portraits! Along with all of the nice portraits of smiles, teeth and different outfits, I always try to make sure I try something different, artistic, funky or just plain fun. In this situation, the young man brought the eyes on his helmet to my attention and told me he wanted to find a way to show it off. I was happy with the dramatic feel of this one.

    senior girl outdoor photo las vegas

    This is a more traditional portrait of this senior. I remember while I was photographing her here, I knew I wanted this to be black and white. The beautiful soft, natural light coming in from the right side of the image is very flattering and I didn’t need to even add a reflector or subtract light from her at all. It was just as flattering as light comes at the time. I loved the way the background is so bright (but still visible and distinguishable) and her clothes are dark so she really pops out at you here!


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