• 10/10/09 Fun Stuff

    October 17, 2009

    So last weekend my girlfriend Kendra and I went up to my Dad’s house in New Harmony, Utah. Earlier when it was dark we set up my camera and opened the shutter and ran out into the darkness with a flashlight and made some fun stuff. Such as….

    Here’s me harnessing ultimate power…

    Lightsabre battle…

    After taking a break, we went inside with my sister and her husband and their baby and along with my Dad, we all played a game of Mad Gab. If you’ve never played it, get it so you can understand my love/hate relationship with the game. I was becoming ansty and took Kendra outside again for some more flashlight painting fun but I had something else in mind.

    “Let’s play a game. I’ll go out there and write a question then you answer it.” She agreed and the plan was underway! I tried to throw her off at first by asking something simple:

    That’s supposed to say, “How old are you?”

    She answered with her flashlight something unreadable so I moved onto the next question:

    “Love me?”

    She answered:

    I moved onto the big one…

    “Marry me?”

    I walked back to her standing by my camera as she looked at the screen with a grin. Without saying a word she grabbed the flashlight, walked off into the darkness and painted:

    “Of course”

    Cool huh? 🙂 I’m engaged everybody! January 23rd, 2010. See you there!

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