• Play It Forward

    April 1, 2021

    Reminder: I’m happy to share with you a personal project that I am just beginning to work on. I’m photographing (as well as will be photographing) individuals who have faced some kind of personal challenge but, despite their respective situations, chose to persevere through the experience.

    Over the coming weeks, I hope to feature many more of these so if you know someone who would be a wonderful and willing subject, please reach out through my website by clicking here.


    I must apologize for not sharing this post earlier. I had COVID-19 in early February and it threw a wrench in my schedule but I’m happy to share this post, finally!


    We Las Vegans will never forget October 1st, 2017. The massacre at Mandalay Bay that occurred that night gained the attention of the entire country. 58 lives were taken and hundreds more suffered wounds. The painful effects of that night echoed (and still do) through the lives of anyone present there that night as well as their friends and families. Certainly, thousands of people were directly impacted due to the horrific circumstances of that night.


    But is sorrow and pain all that remains now? Sadly, for some it very well may be, but for two friends of mine that lost their oldest son that night at the Route 91 festival, they have taken their struggles from it and decided to find ways to help others while while they themselves continue to cope with the loss of their son, Quinton Robbins. Please enjoy their input!

    Joe and Tracy Robbins - Play It Forward

    At Heritage Park in Henderson, there is a small basketball themed memorial that was installed there. The street coming into the park there is now named “Quinton Robbins Way.”


    What motivated you to push through more difficult times?

    The only thing that motivates you at the time, is your other children. We tried to give them the time and space they needed, but we also wanted them to know, we couldn’t sit in the house and cry all day. We needed to try our best to move forward. We took a lot of trips together as a family afterwards to see if we could find a little bit of happiness.

    Joe and Tracy Robbins - Play It Forward

    Quinton loved playing and coaching basketball. The basketball theme in Heritage Park is a special personal touch for the area!


    Joe and Tracy Robbins - Play It Forward - Quinton Robbins


    Has your experience given you deeper empathy for others? If so, how?

    It has definitely given us more empathy for sure, but at the same time, it’s hard for us to hear people complain about their kids and how their kids are driving them crazy, or they wish they could take even an hour for themselves. What we wouldn’t give to be with Quinton for another hour!

    Joe and Tracy Robbins - Play It Forward

    “What we wouldn’t give to be with Quinton for another hour!” I need to remember this whenever my own children are getting on my nerves!


    Joe and Tracy Robbins - Play It Forward - Quinton Robbins - The Q in Henderson

    If you are in Henderson and look east, you will see a “B” on the mountainside. This represents Basic High School which Quinton attended. Friends of Quinton, without ever being asked, chose to go to that same mountain and, near the “B”, added a “Q” a few years ago. Quinton was truly loved by many!


    What kinds of words of encouragement can you give others who are experiencing personal difficulties?

    I’m not sure we are quite there yet to give any kind of words of encouragement. You feel like you’re getting better and you’ve got this, and then it hits you again. I will say, if not for our faith, we would all still be sitting in the house sobbing and depressed. It helps us all knowing that we will see Quinton again and that as hard as it is for us, he is truly happy.

    Joe and Tracy Robbins - Play It Forward - Quinton Robbins

    “You feel like you’re getting better and you’ve got this, and then it hits you again.” I can relate to this. I remember when my mom passed away I had wondered if I would ever “get over it.” I have realized that it won’t ever be something I get over but something I merely get used to.

    Joe and Tracy Robbins - Play It Forward - Quinton Robbins

    During your challenges, how appreciative are you of your true friends and family who were there for you?

    We definitely found out who are true friends and family were. We lost a lot of good friends because they didn’t know how to act or what to say around us anymore. But people you least expected are now some of our closest friends. We had the family we are closest to never leave our side and for that we are forever grateful!! After the shooting happened there was a go fund me set up for the families. We could not even imagine taking that money and using it on ourselves, so we decided to start a non profit called “Quinton Robbins Play it Forward Foundation” We provide scholarships to students at the Jr High and High School, Quinton attended and We also sponsor organized sports in the Henderson/Las Vegas area which has been so amazing and healing for us.


    Joe and Tracy Robbins - Play It Forward - Quinton Robbins

    Joe and Tracy Robbins - Play It Forward - Quinton Robbins

    Joe and Tracy Robbins - Play It Forward


    I very much appreciate Joe and Tracey taking the time to answer my questions and for having me photograph them! Be sure to check out The Quinton Robbins Play It Forward Foundation by going to their Facebook page. Click here. 


  • Still Running

    February 16, 2021

    I’m happy to share with you a personal project that I am just beginning to work on. I’m photographing (as well as will be photographing) individuals who have faced some kind of personal challenge but, despite their respective situations, chose to persevere through the experience.


    Over the coming weeks, I hope to feature many more of these so if you know someone who would be a wonderful and willing subject, please reach out through my website by clicking here.

    Have you ever taken into account just how much you do not know about a subject? It ever increasingly humbles me to realize there is so much I do not know! The more you delve into a subject, the more questions arise that beg answering. I think it is the same when we read or listen to the news. What is covered is generally only a small scratch on the surface as to the true details of a situation. Take into consideration this article from August, 2019:


    In only a very few short lines, the article ends with only a few hints of detail; a woman was hit by a car and found unresponsive and taken to the hospital. The end. I understand, of course, there weren’t many more details at the time but consider how quick we are to pass over such articles of information. We move on very quickly to the next bit of news and forget about what we have even read.


    The woman mentioned in the article above is actually a past client of mine named Jenny. I have photographed her family and extended family a number of times over the years. Regrettably, it wasn’t until recently that I was made aware of what had happened to her in 2019.

    The small tattoo on Jenny’s ankle helped identify her when she was in the hospital without any of her identification.


    What you do not get to read is how she is an avid runner and was out for a run near the hospital she works at. She had received great news that a cancer she was being treated for was now eradicated from her body and she was now cancer free so the run she was meant to enjoy as a celebratory event was cut short by a distracted driver.  You do not get to read little details such as  the last thing she remembers at the accident being the Selena Gomez song she was listening to while running and then knocked unconscious  while a driver did not notice her in the crosswalk. You won’t read how she had to be flown to a hospital in Salt Lake City for neurological care and how she was essentially comatose for three months. You also won’t read how her pelvis was shattered to the point that she had to learn how to walk again or how her eyesight is now forever lost in her right eye. You definitely won’t read how impacted her family has been during the whole experience.


    I do not wish to point these things out to depress anyone. I simply would like to further push my point that behind every article you read or segment you see on the news, there is so much more information as well as huge clusters of experiences and emotions that will not be conveyed. When you read the article in the link, did you wonder more about such details or did you end your reading with the thought, “Oh good. She is ok. She was taken to the hospital”? It would be easy to think the latter.


    Having photographed Jenny and heard more details about her experiences, I’m thrilled that even though none of this has been easy for her or her family, she has grown in a positive way as opposed to letting these circumstances crush her spirit. Why do some people come out stronger or more positive than others? I won’t answer that for you but below are a few questions Jenny was kind enough to share her answers to that will help us all to learn and benefit from her mindset. I hope you enjoy the wisdom she shared with me.


    What motivated you to push through more difficult times?

    Honestly I think  motivation just runs in my genes, literally! I’ve seen my family go through some struggles, but always maintained a great attitude a never backed down from a challenge! When I woke up and was told what happened, my thoughts were how to get back to where I was; as a mom, wife, daughter, friend and colleague. Setting goals, however small and insignificant they seemed at the time, were instrumental in keeping a positive attitude, graduating all 3 therapies, coming back to work, AND actually cooking a little:) all of the love and support during the 1st few months was nothing short of miraculous! Knowing you are near death and we’re somehow saved (though prayers, love, and medicine) also meant a HUGE perspective change. Knowing I cannot, and am not expected, to be able to do everything, gives me more time to appreciate the simple things (which of course means family 🙂

    Has your experience given you deeper empathy for others? If so, how?

    Oh my yes!! Having patients with brain injury in the past, you learn to recognize certain behaviors they may exhibit; now I can actually relate. It’s often frustrating not being able to form the right words, or sentences, to convey how you feel, and you can often say things you don’t mean! Looking normal on the outside but feeling different on the inside is hard at times. I’m a terrible driver (as I’ve been told by my male counterparts) even harder now with one eye:), and I used to get angry at crazy drivers! Now I still do (a little, and being honest;) but give them more leeway as they may be experiencing something similar. I try to be less judgemental, and try to see others perspective and give them even more of a chance to shine!

    What kinds of words of encouragement can you give others who are experiencing personal difficulties?

    Not sure I have a ton of words of wisdom, but really it’s always nice to put things into perspective! There are so many people out there, even close friends, afflicted with different types of adversity that we need to realize things on a much larger level! Only you can define your own encouragement of motivation! Recently I’ve learned: is everything doable..possibly, can you say no..YES, and 3rd grade homework drives me BONKERS!!!, but as my 6 year old son sums it up best…’if you’re scared, you just do it! That’s brave!’

    During your challenges, how appreciative are you of your true friends and family who were there for you?

    That’s an incredible emotional and difficult question! I woke up in Salt Lake City, and to this day still hear stories and re-read letters and cards that were sent! My friends and family found me, took care of me, prayed and loved me! Cannot ask for a greater collection of people! Truly incredible to love, sacrifice, tolerance, and positivity they showed me! Operating on me, finding the best rehabilitation and neuro center, traveling to visit me in SLC so I would have a familiar face in the hospital, among so many other things to recount means I had the ABSOLUTE best support system ever! When I think of motivations and encouragement, my heart and life belong to these friends and family, and everything I do…I do for them!

    I truly believe that there are people placed in your life for a reason. My husband, closest friends and family, and even friends of friends who had entire congregations praying for me! There is certainly something to the said for that and I cherish them! A motto of being kind to everyone, a small smile, quick hug (before Covid:), or running across town to do a case for a friend; all may seem small but you never know how you may just positively help/affect their day (or that in turn far off down the road that small gratitude or gesture will help someone else, or even yourself:) I ramble here, welcome to early morning thoughts! It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but maybe take an extra second the breathe that fresh air, watch the sunrise, ride a bike, or drink hot cocoa with your kiddos:)


    I am so impressed with Jenny. Her hope, her will and her determination to keep moving forward are all things we can strive for ourselves. We needn’t wait for a life altering event to arise before putting these lessons into practice. The same mindset can be utilized in our usual routines of life. Jenny is proof that we can all be better and should be better at where we focus our minds.


    I’d like to express gratitude to Jenny and her family for spending time with me and allowing me to create these portraits. It is a pleasure for me to have done so!



  • Family Portraits: In The Backyard?

    December 2, 2019

    Sometimes, when you are planning a family portrait, you wonder and struggle with where on earth you are going to photograph the family. Oftentimes, photos inside the home are a beautiful option that families end up cherishing for years. Other times, the backyard can work out wonderfully as well.


    December is here and I am happy to squeeze into your busy schedule to update your family portrait. Give me a call at (702)809-9763 and visit http://www.TNGphoto.com .

    las vegas family photographer in the backyard family portrait

    empty backyard




  • Should you take your family portraits at home?

    September 5, 2019

    In the planning of a family portrait, I’m often asked on the phone:

    “Where do other people take their pictures?”

    I can always make recommendations for a location but I think it’s always better to choose a location that has significance to the family if possible. For that reason, it can actually be a great idea to have the portraits created at the client’s home where the family has spent so much time together. Aside from the memories that the family shares at home it’s extremely convenient for the family to not have to go far for the portrait. Around the holidays, traveling and social obligations stretch time very thin for people so by taking the photographs at home, it saves time and reduces stress.

    las vegas outdoor family portrait at home in the front of the house

    This family loves having their grandma’s home be the typical meeting place for dinners, birthdays, barbecues and just about everything. All of the grandchildren have spent countless hours playing with cousins and spending time with family at this home. Think how much more meaningful the portrait is for them as time goes on knowing that it was created on the front porch!

    las vegas outdoor family portrait at home in the backyard

    his portrait was created in the client’s backyard. One son was leaving town the next day and they had limited time to have the entire family together so taking the time to plan out a location was eliminated.

    las vegas outdoor family portrait at home in the front of the house

    This family portrait was created in the front of their beautiful home on Christmas Eve because there was no other day or time that would work. With everyone’s schedules being so busy, not everyone could go very far or devote much time to being at the session so being at the house was the best option.

    las vegas family portrait created inside of the home

    Along with the larger groups at home, individual families are photographed as well.

    las vegas outdoor family portrait at home in the front of the house

    I look forward to photographing your family this fall/winter! Give me a call at (702)809-9763 and visit TNGphoto.com


  • Healthcare Partners of Nevada – Exterior Architecture Photography and Headshots

    August 8, 2019

    I was recently commissioned to photograph over 20 exterior photographs for Healthcare Partners of Nevada. They stated that their ultimate goal for these images was to help their client-base find the location more familiar and recognizable when they see the buildings in person after seeing them online and in other marketing materials. I love architectural projects like this. They are very challenging and extremely satisfying to accomplish. The timing of the day is important; depending on which direction the building faces, it might be better to be there in the morning or the evening. Each building has difficult distractions to work around (cars, dumpsters from construction workers, etc.) and all the camera, lighting and post processing techniques in the book can and will be used if necessary. I had so much fun!

    I won’t show you all of the photographs but here are a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to contact me if you or your company is wanting photographs of your exteriors and/or interiors. I’d happy to work with you too! Call (702)809-9763.

    healthcare partners of nevada pahrump healthcare partners of nevada sunridge heights healthcare partners of nevada Mountain View Women's Health fort apache healthcare partners of nevada pahrump healthcare partners of nevada green valley healthcare partners of nevada durango hills healthcare partners of nevada Mountain View Women's Health

    Las Vegas Headshots:

    On another note, I’m happy to announce that I have created another website! As many of you probably know:

    www.TNGphoto.com <- This is my main TNG Photography website that encompasses my Las Vegas family portraits, high school seniors, children, etc.

    www.TNGseniors.com <- This is my TNG Photography senior website that is exclusively about high school senior portraits.

    Well, I now have a brand new website devoted solely to my headshot line of work!


    las vegas headshots website tng headshots

    I created this website to offer additional information and galleries of images for my prospective headshot clients. Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think! It currently has a few things I need to adjust (such as the bio page) but for the most part it is complete.

    What’s next? I’ll be updating my main TNGphoto.com page but after that, I’m not sure! If I make another website, what should it be? Leave a comment with your idea!

  • Bringing Back the Aloha

    May 20, 2019

    Meet Wendy Woodruff. I had the pleasure of creating her new headshots recently as she is undergoing a career change. Wendy is jumping into the realty world! She’s going to be incredible! My entire time spent with her was so comfortable and enjoyable. Wendy is one of those people who is naturally genuine and so easy to speak with on any conceivable topic. Her experience in dealing with people is going to transfer over to realty with ease, no doubt. Below is a quick little interview so you can get to know her!


    Tell a little bit about your business/your work/etc…

    I’m a real estate consultant.

    What inspired you to go this route?

    My passion for being of service to others.

    Wendy Wooruff Realtor las vegas headshot photographer

    What do your customers expect from you?

    Traditional real estate agents spend the majority of their time soliciting the public looking for their next client, which leaves little time to personally see to their clients’ needs. As a Real Estate Consultant, I’m 100% focused on consulting, negotiating and overseeing all the details for my clients throughout the process, keeping their best interests foremost in my mind. I’m committed to making the home buying and selling experience the best it can possibly be.

    What are you most proud of with your business/work?

    I work with a talented team of experts in their field who support me in providing each client with the knowledge, resources and information they need to make choices in their own best interest. I love building relationships that last long after the real estate transaction is completed.

    Have anything special planned for 2019?

    To continue building my business, one client at a time. My purpose is making sure my clients are so outrageously happy with the help I provide that they gladly introduce me to the people they care about, not because they feel obligated but because they truly believe they will benefit from my assistance.

    If I may be of service to you or someone you know, please contact me at 702-301-0129 or email wendy@brownellteamrealtors.com. I look forward to helping you!

    Wendy Wooruff Realtor las vegas headshot photographer

    Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to give me a call at (702)809-9763 for your own headshots. I want to work with YOU!


  • Class of 2019: Better Hurry

    April 8, 2019

    Hey Seniors! Graduation is just about here so you better contact me soon for your senior photos!

    Call/Text: (702)809-9763


    Here are a few cool senior shots of a Coronado High School softball player:

  • Not All Photographers Are The Same

    February 27, 2019

    I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a woman who told me that she has a new found respect for photographers. She explained that she had bought a nice camera after hiring someone to photograph some horses for her to try photographing her horses on her own without a professional. I think she assumed all photographers are equal. I’ve been saying it for years that this is definitely not true. She admitted she had no idea there was so much involved with photography.

    She went on to tell me that out of 300+ images, only 3-5 were usable. All of the images were not what she was wanting for her business and the photographer she used was unwilling to admit that the mistake was on his/her end of things. Taking the “I’m an artist and you get what I tell you is good” route instead of being willing to give the client what was needed for her business.

    After viewing a few photographs taken by this photographer, it was apparent to me that the images were created by a novice. We all start somewhere and please do not think I am being rude in my analysis here. I’m trying to point out a key difference between myself and the large number of inexperienced photographers that sell themselves as professional. This photographer was told what was expected out of the images and did not deliver anything close to what was requested. I completely understand the need to fulfill one’s self artistically and I definitely strive for that for every piece of work that I create. However, it must be done within the confines of the client’s expectations.

    If I was the one being hired to photograph these horses, I would of course want to create something beautiful and artistic and something I could be proud of but first and foremost, the client’s needs must be met. If those needs are not to my own personal taste, it does not matter! If I feel there’s some way I can improve upon their requirements I will bring it to their attention and make any suggestions I can but I must provide the expected product that is best for them, no matter what. This is something inexperienced photographers just do not understand.

    Class of 2019 Seniors: Stop Waiting!


    Call: 702.809.9763 | TNGseniors.com

    Here are a few portraits of a senior I’d like to share. He was such a talented and well spoken young man and it will be no surprise to hear of his future success and achievements!

    las vegas senior portrait cello tux
    las vegas senior portrait headshot suit boy
    las vegas senior portrait cello tux

  • What Amateur Photographers Just Can’t Do

    December 13, 2018


    I think I have spoken about this before but I see a lot of people claiming to be “natural light photographers.” This has always confused me because for me, the light to use is the one needed to create the best possible image. If that’s with existing, unmodified natural light, great, if not, more work needs to be done. The results are beautiful either way. The trick is being able to identify if the existing light is even worth using. 99% of the time in Vegas, it isn’t as high quality as modified light (reflectors, black gobos, electronic flash, etc.) but as a professional, one must be ready for anything and so many photographers selling themselves, for dirt cheap most of the time, just don’t have the skills to handle themselves in most lighting and environmental conditions.

    I want to show you an example of a family portrait that would not be achievable with unmodified natural light.

    bad natural light photography

    This is a situation where someone without the necessary photography skills is going to struggle. Here we have a family in shade which is darker than the sunlit background. I exposed for the background here because I want to be able to see the beautiful blue in the sky and mountain details. Unfortunately, since the family is shaded, this renders them much too dark.

    bad natural light photography

    I then exposed my camera for the family. They are now bright and viewable but now the background is completely washed out and lacking detail. The light on the family is also very poor. It is soft, yes, but it is flat, uninteresting and doesn’t make them pop from the 2d image into the 3d world. It lacks life! The “natural light photographer” might say, “No big deal! I’ll just fix it in Photoshop!”

    bad natural light photography

    So, they blend exposures to try to retrieve detail. Yes, the background has color but the family has terrible, muddy skin tone, mixed color temperatures and absolutely improper lighting on their faces. Dark eyes are bland, aren’t they? Don’t forget about the fake digital sun flare added to hide the mistakes of the photographer.

    family portrait photography las vegas outdoor

    Here’s where I come in. Doesn’t that just look so much more beautiful? All the faces are evenly lit and look like you can reach out and touch them. There’s light in the eyes, skin tones look fresh and natural instead of muddy and manipulated. The color is bright and vivid throughout and all of this was achieved using actual photographic knowledge. The computer is not ever going to replace my lighting whether it be natural light or otherwise. There’s just no replacing the quality of real photographic technique.


    If your family is getting together this month, please call me at (702)809-9763 to schedule your own family portraits session.


  • The Stay Fit Moms’ Family Portraits

    November 15, 2018

    If you’re not following the Stay Fit Mom blog, you need to go there now: http://www.stayfitmom.com

    I have been doing projects for Tracy and Krista (the Stay Fit Moms) for a few years now. I updated their family portraits recently:

    las vegas family photography

    las vegas family photography

    las vegas family child photography

    las vegas family child photography

    las vegas family child photography

    las vegas family photography

    las vegas family photography

    las vegas family child photography

    las vegas family child photography

    las vegas family child photography

    las vegas family photography

    las vegas family photography

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