• The Announcement

    November 13, 2009

    Today I went and photographed two business headshots for www.GESNevada.com and it’s amazing how at least once a week I hear a common joke said to photographers. As I was packing up my equipment and walking out the door, someone peaked into the room and said, “Nobody broke the camera, huh?” I smiled and said, “Nope, it still works.” I don’t mind this joke. In reality, I love to hear it because I think I’m going to start a tally and then at the end of the year I can count how many times it was said to me in a year. Heck I might even make a few flow charts or something to see if there’s a pattern of it being said from month to month. hahaha Anyway, here’s my wedding announcement that’s being sent in the mail soon.

    The front:


    Admit it, you’re happy for me. 🙂

    Back to work!


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