• The Pumpkin Patch – The Journey to Entertaining Toddlers On a Saturday

    October 21, 2014

    Allow me to show you (or possibly bore you) a few simple snapshots of my two boys. Owen is almost 3 and Alex is almost 2. It’s quite a challenge, I’ve found, to round up two little boys to go do just about anything. Now that our third boy is due here in February, I’m unconvinced that going anywhere with three boys will be a highly anticipated event. Maybe more likely to be something comparable to trying to row a canoe through a river filled with old clunky t.v.’s or maybe trying to convince five of your neighbors to buy a Kirby vacuum so that the one you just bought is free. A hopeless endeavor it will be, I’m sure. At least at first. Anyway, for now, I’m trying my hardest to catch up on as much [slightly] uninterrupted sleep as possible between now and when our new baby arrives.


    I’ve gotten accustomed to how to deal with my two boys in public, even though I said it was challenging. They are usually well behaved and are good listeners. Alex (the younger boy who looks nothing like me) really adores Owen (the older boy who looks EXACTLY like me) and always wants to be doing whatever Owen is up to. We recently went on over to the pumpkin patch on Stephanie and American Pacific in Henderson (of course). They were excited after their initial confusion subsided as to where in the world we were. Owen braved the tallest slide right off the bat. He loved it!

    pumpkin patch slide henderson

    Alex followed his brother and worked up his courage to go down the slide. He did NOT love it like Owen did. Maybe we’re terrible parents for allowing our kids to go down these things?

    candid children photography


    Owen and his mom hopped onto this little spinning bathtub from hell ride and again, Owen loved it.

    carnival ride pumpkin patch mom and son little boy


    Alex was a little too small for that ride but looked on feeling as a victim of great injustice. Yes, Alex, the system just doesn’t work buddy…I wish I could go on that ride with my brother


    Luckily for me though, my little guys (some would say monsters) are happy and healthy. They sometimes annoy me up the wall just like all kids do to their parents and I constantly feel inadequate for the job but they’re happy. I must be doing at least 2/10 things right some of the time, right?1 one year old snapshot window light


    snapshot of little boy 2 years old by window light

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