Las Vegas photographer T. Nathan Grant, founder of TNG Photography, specializes in creating timeless portraiture of families, children, engagements, weddings, eagle scouts, and business portraits and newborn babies. As a professional photographer, Nate combines a classical approach with a modern, contemporary style. This “modern-classical” style ensures that his subjects will look their absolute best and proudly display their photographic artwork on their walls for years to come. TNG portraits will stand the test of time and won’t go out of style.

With over eight years of experience as a Las Vegas and Henderson photographer, Nate was the head photographer and studio manager at the renowned “Photography by Van” and studied under the well-respected master photographer, Van Frazier. It was here that Nate learned the art of lighting and posing and developed his skills of targeting expressions that would exhibit the character and true nature of his subjects. Under Van’s direction, Nate’s love for portraits grew as he photographed everyone from top executives to little children. Nate loves to create portraits that will be loved and shared with everyone around you.

Hi Nate,

I wanted to let you know how much my family enjoyed the beautiful and creative portraits that you just took of us and especially the unique portraits you took of our new grand daughter. I haven't see any one in Southern Nevada that is as skilled with the
camera, lighting and computer manipulation as you are. Your work is always on the fore front of technology, yet your portraits maintain the timeless beauty and elegance of Classical Portraiture.

I was impressed with how you were committed to produce what we wanted and at the same time how you used your incredibly creative mind and eye to capture the unusual and unique feeling we wanted in the portraits. Furthermore, you were very fun to work with! Your portraits adorn the walls of our home and we enjoy looking at them every day. We appreciated how tremendously professional you are and how you apply that professionalism to your business. We also enjoyed how your work is so contemporary. It demonstrates what's happening now. There is no doubt that your portraits are leading the field in photographic style.

Now days, it's surprising to find all this professionalism, style and high quality work, yet with prices that are very reasonable. I love how you are willing to come to us and take the portraits at any location we want. We are looking forward to next summer after our second grand child arrives, and going to Southern Utah for another very personal family portrait by our cabin in the mountains. Thanks again Nate, it was a pleasure working with you. Now that I've retired from the photography business, it's assuring to know where I can go to get all my photographic needs taken care of.

Van W. Frazier
Original owner of Photography By Van









TNG Photography understands that you want to look fantastic! You want to love how everyone looks in your family portrait so it will impress family and guests as well as enhance your decor. You want to love and cherish your high school senior portraits while your son or daughter moves away to college. Your kids change so fast so TNG Photography creates artistic and natural portraits of your newborns and children. As Albert Einstein once said, “A photograph never grows old. You and I change, people change all through the months and years but a photograph always remains the same… You see them as you remember them.”

TNG Photography can photograph your special events and offer candid coverage as well as portraits of your event.

Nate has adapted his kind and humorous nature to help connect with his subjects and help them to feel comfortable and more at ease with being photographed. It is easy to be fearful of having a portrait taken of yourself and Nate knows how difficult it is for some to have a photograph taken of them. However, many have boldly claimed, “I never look good in pictures,” at the start of a session but are later delighted to take it all back and say, “I look great in my pictures!” For Nate, there is no better compliment!

As well as making the experience with TNG Photography fun and unique, Nate is striving to make his website unique as well. Check out the TNG Photography senior website by going to Stay connected by visiting our blog, video blog and Facebook page as well as viewing the “Portraits of Shame” section for a good laugh! The “Personal Work” page can show you fun photos of Nate and his family as well as photographs of landscapes in their travels. Even though photography is a career, it is also one of Nate’s hobbies.

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