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    June 8, 2011

    The time was 6:00am. The day was Tuesday. The dream I was having involved being on a beach, staring at the cruise ship out in the distant waters…

    “Nate! Nate!” my wife’s familiar voice carried over from our bathroom.

    Like the heroic husband I am, I sat up and asked if she was ok.  I wondered what kind of spider it would be that she needed my expertise to eliminate. If it was a daddy-long-leg spider, it would get a face full of shoe. If it was a wolf spider, it would get a face full of shoe. Basically, no matter what the species of spider, the cause of death would be m shoe. It’s been a tactic I’ve used all my life and I wasn’t about to change my strategy now; not at a critical moment like this one!

    “Look at this! Make sure I’m reading that right,” she said.

    Groggy and my eyes still not fully adjusted to the bathroom’s light, I was handed a white stick. On it were two symbols, the one reading, “+” and the other , “-“.  My right hand held the stick and my left grabbed the stick’s original packaging.  My eyes darted back to the stick then back to the box. Left. Right. Left. Right. Again and again.

    “Hmm. You’re pregnant. Congratulations, babe,” I said remarkably calm to my wife, Kendra. I then stammered back to the bed in the other room and began the process of trying to fall back into the dream I was participating in, knowing that it wouldn’t be possible to do so but still thought it was worth a try.

    There was no spider to kill, no mysterious sound in the house to check out, just a pregnancy test telling me I’m going to be a dad…A DAD! WHOA! 

    Kendra’s pregnant everybody! Come January, we’ll be a family of three!




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