• Ooh baby baby it’s such a wild world!

    January 23, 2012

    Today is my 2 year anniversary. It’s crazy how life works. I met Kendra at a bonfire in January of 2009. I walked up to she and her friend because from a distance I thought she looked cute so I had to go talk to her up close. The funny thing is, while I still thought she was cute, I found her boring and uninteresting. hahaha She wasn’t too keen on me either, she tells me. She thought I was a big dork who looked 14 years old. Anyway, she left the bonfire early and I thought I’d never see her again. Two months later, my friend Shane said he wanted to set me up with “this girl named Kendra.” After talking to her on the phone, I recognized her name and she recognized my laugh.

    “Uh oh! This was going to be a terrible date! ”

    Lo and behold, we had a good time, got married and now we’ve duplicated.  If I wasn’t a religious person, I’d say that we pretty much fulfilled the one reason to live and we can die whenever we like now! 🙂

    Happy anniversary to my “boring girl from the bonfire!” Love ya!

    We’ve been laying a little low lately because of our new baby boy but we’re picking up the pace now that we’re more adjusted to having Owen around. I have heard that having a new baby is fun and exciting at first but eventually becomes more like a job. Monotonous, annoying at times and time consuming. Is that true? It probably is! hahaha So far though, Owen’s the most chill kid I’ve ever seen. He sleeps through the night most of the time, doesn’t cry much, doesn’t talk back, would give you the shirt on his back, doesn’t talk bad about anyone, loves to listen… 🙂

    I’ve also heard many parents tell me that everyone think their own kids are the cutest. I have to agree with this statement. I have noticed, however, that all cute babies now remind me of Owen. My wife and I were sitting on Facebook the other night, stalking old friends and family to see what they were up to. With so many people having kids, there were plenty of new babies to see. Whenever we saw a newborn that was cute, we compared them to our own.

    “He looks like Owen!” was said over and over again.

    All kids are different of course, but have you ever noticed how similar newborns look to each other?! They all share that same blank look that borders on fear, confusion or queasiness. It’s probably best that we can’t remember being that little. If we could, I wonder how low our pride levels would be. Could you be overly into yourself if you could remember every fart being a shart? 🙂

    At just under two weeks old, I set up my lights and background and took a fewnewborn portraits of Owen and Kendra. Here are my favorites:

    While I photographed Kendra, our good friends, Thomas and Natalie came and brought their new twin boys. Natalie and Kendra were originally supposed to be due around the same time but Natalie ended up having her twins a month early. The cool thing is one twin was born late at night on November 30th and the other early morning on December 1st. Here are a few of my favorites of their new sons:

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  • Owen’s Here

    January 14, 2012

    I’ve been MIA lately and here’s why:

    Owen was born last Friday morning. I finally have someone to take care of me when I’m old! 🙂

    For numbers sake: 9lbs. 6 oz. 22 inches long

    Just for fun, here’s a quick few sentences meant to be the opposite of what I actually mean:

    I hate this kid. He looks nothing like me. We’re giving him up for adoption.

    Really though, he’s pretty cool. He lays there, he breathes, he sleeps, he eats, he pees and poops, he cries, all while continuing to lay there. He’s very talented. I am looking forward to his personality shining through in the coming months. I thought it would be a lot more weird having him around (it’s only been a week) but it seems quite natural having the little guy around. It must be something hardwired into our brains. Thanks to everyone who came to the hospital and visited us!

    I’m not much in the writing mood right now so here’s one quick recent business portrait. I wanted to experiment with a new look and decided on a composite image. I’m going to be showcasing a lot more of this unique kind of portraiture. Hope you like it!


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