• Las Vegas Senior Photographer – Class of 2016 is up!

    August 6, 2015

    2015 is flying by, isn’t it? Well, we have a new baby at home (6 months old now) so the year is going quickly but very slowly at the same time. Those with kids will understand…


    I remember when I was in school, when the summer arrived and school was out I would always think I had so much time to enjoy my time off.

    “June is just getting started. There’s tons of time!” later turned into, “It’s only July! A lot more time before school!” which begrudgingly turned into, “School is starting again. Summer went by too fast!” I can still remember when the news would be on the t.v. at home and the newscasters would often have segments about how parents were prepping their kids for the new school year. This was always an annoying reminder that soon enough, school would be back in session.

    These days, now that my high school life has been long gone for quite sometime now, I rather enjoy the new upcoming school year because it brings with it my personal favorite thing to photograph, high school senior portraits!
    Meet Holly. Holly is graduating in 2016. She is an incredibly talented cheerleader and competes at a very high level. She was also very funny and made me laugh several times which is always impressive to me. I had a great time with she and her mom and I look forward to her next session in February!


    Check out TNGseniors.com or call (702)809-9763 and let’s create something awesome!


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