• The Golden Knights Family…

    October 25, 2018

    I often tell clients that call me that it is best to think of a location for their family portraits that has significance to them to add meaning to the portrait and make it more customized to the family’s personality. In all honesty, most people can’t think of a location off the top of their heads and I offer suggestions. When this family contacted me a while back expressing their love of hockey and the Las Vegas Golden Knights and knew they wanted to be photographed at the T-Mobile Arena together, I was thrilled with their planning!

    las vegas family portrait photographer golden knights t mobile arena vegas strong

    las vegas family portrait photographer golden knights t mobile arena vegas strong


    For this last portrait, I wanted to showcase an example of clothing. The entire family coordinated clothing very well with their Golden Knights theme. One son’s sweater was more of a light grey as opposed to everyone else’s darker grey. Notice how much the lighter sweater stands out against the darker background and among the darker clothes of the group. While not the worst thing ever, I got the parents’ approval to adjust the sweater’s color to match everyone else. You can now see how easier it is to see each family member without competing highlights. Also, the boy sitting on the rock, when in that position, could not pull his pant legs down any further to cover his ankles. In retouching, this was also adjusted. Scroll down!las vegas family portrait photographer golden knights t mobile arena vegas strong

    For those of you choosing to update your family portrait soon, I’d be honored to create a long lasting portrait that you’ll be proud to display in your home for many years. Let’s customize it to your family’s personality and interests!

    Maybe you love visiting your family cabin together and riding ATVs or maybe you have a love of video games together or just love being outdoors together. Whatever it is let’s make it unique and fun! Give me a call and let’s get started!

    CALL NOW: (702)809-9763


  • Ultimate Gift Idea For The Macho-Manliest-Manly-Man

    September 13, 2018

    What About Dad

    It is pretty well known that men, in general, usually care about pictures as much as they do going to the DMV. That is, of course, until they see a light painting…

    Light Paintings are a one-of-a-kind art-piece. No two are alike! They are great for car collectors, exotic car owners, car lovers…ok, I think you get the point. 🙂


    What’s a light painting?

    A light painting is a unique and very complex photograph. Using a variety of LED lights, a number of exposures are created of a subject in a dark setting. These many exposures are then merged together to create a work of art that cannot be created with any other photographic technique. The resulting image is one of a kind and unlike anything the majority of
    photographers can produce!

    What can be light painted?

    Just about anything can be light painted as long as it holds perfectly still. Jewelry, automobiles, aircraft, buildings, collectibles, big or small items, you name it! A light painting can accentuate the character of almost any item that has special significance to YOU.

    What does it look like?

    Like nothing else! See below:

    las vegas car photographer long exposure light painting art jeep las vegas car photographer long exposure light painting art jeep las vegas car photographer long exposure light painting art camaro


    las vegas car photographer long exposure light painting art camaro


    las vegas car photographer long exposure light painting art police patrol car bike



    las vegas car photographer long exposure light painting art las vegas car photographer long exposure light painting art mdx


    This would make the best Christmas present, wouldn’t it? The sooner you call, the better because of the needed time to create a light painting.

    Don’t wait! Call me at (702)809-9763.

  • From Boring To Soaring: BAD Headshots vs. GOOD Headshots

    August 31, 2018

    Lately, I’ve been trying to utilize LinkedIn on a more consistent basis. A LOT of people use LinkedIn. According to Alexa.com, it is the 28th most visited website in the world. (https://www.alexa.com/topsites) Because of that fact, I’ve realized it is also the mega source of the largest volume of poor quality headshots in the world! 🙂

    I understand that not everyone sees the need for a quality headshot but I think most people really just don’t have any idea what makes a good headshot.This post is all about a few comparison images to show what a BAD headshot can look like compared to a QUALITY headshot. I hope you find this helpful!

    Some Things I Notice

    Lets talk about studio portraits for a moment. There is nothing wrong with a well done, well thought out and skilled headshot in a studio setting. The problem I see so often is a lot of people settle for lackluster studio shots with poor lighting and posing. A studio portrait is much more than just setting up a background for the subject to stand in front of. Have a look at these poor examples:

    bad headshot

    Yes, there’s a studio background and studio lights were used but the lighting used here is not indicative of a quality photographer. This is called cross-lighting which is where you have shadows on both sides of the face caused by two lights on either side of the camera firing across both sides of the subject’s face. The result is not flattering to the majority of faces and can accentuate features that many are self conscious about. The eyes here are also not illuminated much so they feel lifeless and dull. Here’s another bad example:

    bad headshot

    This is an improvement but still not up to the standards that should be expected from a professional photographer. The light here is very flat and does little to shape and sculpt the subject’s face. Remember, a photograph needs to convey three dimensions on a screen or a print which are both two dimensional. Utilizing light properly will add clarity and realism in print and screen. Sometimes flat lighting can be used when someone’s makeup is professionally done but most of the time that isn’t the case. The flat light, because it isn’t coming from an angle, has washed out details in her skin and overexposed her chest making it brighter than her face. Also, the woman here is standing too close to the background which casts a distracting shadow onto it. Being that she is thin, it doesn’t hurt as much that her shoulders are square to the camera but the pose is boring and has no finesse, style, artistry and elegance. Everything about these two examples shows lack of skill and craftsmanship!

    Something Better

    Notice the relaxed but quality posing, the lighting, the eyes, the clarity, the genuine expressions, color harmony, etc. and you should be able to see that more skill and care went into creating these headshots.

    las vegas headshot photographer commercial professional portraits business


    las vegas headshot photographer commercial professional portraits business

    las vegas headshot photographer commercial professional portraits business

    las vegas headshot photographer commercial professional portraits business

    The Not-So-Great Outdoors

    Not all headshots for actors/performers and business professionals need to be photographed inside with a studio set up. Going outside is often a GREAT idea! However, when done incorrectly, the results are downright awful!

    bad lighting

    In this first example, the light from the sun is harsh and causing squinting and bringing out pours and imperfections in the skin. It’s not very flattering but I see a lot of amateur photographers trying to sell this kind of work.


    bad lighting


    Eventually, the photographer might wise up and turn the subject’s back to the sun. The face being more shaded and therefore darker than the sunlit background required the exposure to be brightened which washed out detail in the background, skin and overall color. This light is too contrasty to leave unmodified. The sidewalk is also reflecting on the subject’s face from underneath which is similar to holding a flashlight underneath your chin when telling scary stories at a camp-out. I call this “monster lighting” and it’s rarely used in a quality portrait.

    bad lighting

    This is getting better but is still lacking a professional touch. The color has improved and the subject’s shaded face was brightened by incorporating a fill flash on the camera. This is good to use in a pinch or just for a snapshot but for a professional portrait, this isn’t what a paying client should ever be expecting.

    More Bad Examples

    More Bad Headshots

    First of all, I hate it when I see headshots of people in front of stucco walls and dreaded garage doors. Next, I hate it when lighting is bad. Headshot photographers that lack the skills necessary to get the job done correctly will sometimes abandon the sunlight and seek shade. This isn’t a bad idea at all but notice these examples showing what I see all too often. On the left, her face is in shade and the rest of her is in the bright sun. In the middle, a fill flash was used to light the face but it didn’t fix the problem of the sunlight. The third isn’t the worst thing ever but it still needs a lot of improvement. It was good to move her back out of the sun and the light on her face is improved but still coming mostly from underneath her chin to much. Her eyes have no light in them and again, that stucco wall. I mean, come on!

    bad headshot example garage door sunlight harsh

    Oh no! Not the garage door! No! No! Get it away from me! Noooooooooo!

    Being Outside Can Look Great

    Something like these is a lot more pleasing to the eye and much more flattering in terms of posing, lighting and quality. Being outside is a great option as long as the wind isn’t too hard to work with since hair can go everywhere and if the subject isn’t too squinty, even in shade. People with blue eyes tend to squint more but when the sun is at its highest, even if the background and lighting is all locked in, no one likes to see themselves squint.

    The lighting is good, the expression is great, the color and density is very clear but like I mentioned before, the wind can blow hair and she is a tiny bit squinty. Other than that, this would be a great outdoor headshot portrait. When the wind and squinty eyes are manageable though, the results are fantastic!

    outdoor business headshot las vegas photographer commercial

    outdoor business headshot portrait man las vegas photographer commercial


    Well, I hope you found that interesting. I would love to be your photographer for your business or self promotion so please contact me right away and tell me what you have in mind. I’m here to help!




  • Family Portraits: It’s About Planning

    August 20, 2018

    Whew! Time to dust off the ol’ blog! I apologize for not writing like I used to. It’s easy to get behind on blogging but hopefully I’ll commit to posting again…starting now!

    My mind is resting on family portraits. The fall is coming and our Zion weekend is almost ready to be announced yet again and as the weather gets nicer and everyone is well adjusted again to school and work and being in town, family portraits won’t be far. I thought I’d share with you all a fun family session from last December. I want to show you all the kind of lengths I’ll go to make sure your family portrait is as painless and gives unforgettable results.

    I met with this family about a month prior to the portrait session. It was expressed to me that it would be a large group, they were worried about everyone being cooperative and they were unsure about where they wanted the portrait taken. Like many have told me in the past, they too had a negative experience in the past when they tried for a large group portrait. They said the results weren’t professional enough, families were stressed, kids were stressed and uncooperative, the group’s arrangement just wasn’t what they were hoping for, etc. I’ve heard these things a lot!

    Inside tip: Why are there so many bad family portrait experiences? There are A LOT of people in town that claim to be family portrait photographers but lack training in posing, grouping, color harmony, composition, lighting (natural light or electronic) as well as basic photography knowledge and just want a quick buck. They are cheap and the results definitely show this, sadly.

    I tried to put them at ease, went over details, sent them my clothing guide, explained the process of how I work and then there was just one more detail to work out; the location. They didn’t want to be far from home and they had no idea where they wanted the portrait to be taken. They knew it had to be nice as the portrait they were replacing measured a large 30×40. Large portraits demand beauty and planning since the final image will be displayed for years.

    I went driving near their home and found a spot, on the side of a relatively busy street believe it or not! I messaged the client how it looked. Here is a screenshot of a video I sent their way. The video I sent essentially said, “I found a great spot, just trust me!”



    They trusted me.


    On the day after Christmas, I arrived at the location and set up the necessary equipment. Everyone arrived and I set up the group. Here is how it looked straight out of the camera.


    This Las Vegas family portrait still needed some artwork!

    There’s definitely room for improvement here. The road behind them is distracting, the street lights are unsightly and the buildings in the distance do it no justice. My beauty dish lighting the group did a wonderful job of evenly lighting the group but I don’t think we’d want to keep the light stand in the final portrait would we?

    Luckily, I anticipated all of this and knew what would need to be done before I ever snapped the shutter. Here are the final results:

    las vegas family portrait photographer summerlin group outside big

    Ahhhhh. That’s better, isn’t it? The overcast that day made it convenient tonally but the sky was washed out and lacked detail. I didn’t want to add any clouds that were TOO dramatic but opted to insert a few into the sky that looked natural, unassuming and kept the image looking fresh. The street was replaced with the native plants that were there and the power lines and buildings were eliminated. The light of mine was also taken away. A total of roughly 13 or so faces were swapped from other photographs to make sure everyone was happy with their expressions and the young man in the middle of the back row was lowered a little to not be distracting from everyone else. This portrait now hangs on their wall as a lovely 30×40 masonite-mounted canvas with protective coating in a gold frame.

    This, and all of the families I photograph, are truly an honor for me to work on. I enjoy the challenges each one offers and the creation process is very fulfilling for me. I look forward to this season’s family portraits! Please give me a call at (702)809-9763 as soon as you can so we can plan your portrait. I’m excited to meet you!


  • Academica Nevada – Las Vegas and Henderson Charter Schools

    March 17, 2017

    I was recently commissioned to photograph the exteriors of 16 charter schools here in Las Vegas. Below are a few of my favorites and also a few snaps of how the final images were displayed.

    Academica Nevada has charter schools all over the valley and from what I’ve heard and read, parents are very happy with these schools. Academica Nevada includes:


    Doral Academy

    Pinecrest Academy

    Somerset Academy

    Mater Academy


    These schools have an interesting history. They were started when a husband and wife moved here and were motivated to start these schools because of being unimpressed with the public schools their kids were attending. Instead of just moving away, they took action! How great is that!?


    Photography-wise, the challenge for me was to photograph these schools in interesting ways. Many of these schools have the same architecture so it would be very easy to have all the photographs looking too similar. My goal was to showcase each school in a way in its own unique way to avoid the problem of looking too much like the others. I photographed all the schools at either sunset/sunrise or dusk/dawn and focused on great composition, interesting perspectives, auxiliary lighting if need be, etc. Here are a few of my favorites:



    Doral Academy Fire Mesa Campus

    Doral Academy Fire Mesa Campus



    Doral Academy Red Rock Campus

    Doral Academy Red Rock Campus


    Pinecrest Academy Horizon Campus

    Pinecrest Academy Horizon Campus


    Somerset Academy Sky Canyon Campus

    Somerset Academy Sky Canyon Campus



    Somerset Academy Lone Mountain Campus

    Somerset Academy Lone Mountain Campus


    The final images were to be displayed for the company’s new conference room. I installed all 16 large metal 20×24 there with room for future schools to be displayed as well. Here are a few quick snaps I took of the display with my phone:

    conference room artwork display las vegas photographer

    You probably have one of these charter schools not far from your home. Check out a list of their schools here to find one near you: click here.


    Reminder! Senior Portrait time is back! Make sure you contact me soon so you have your portraits before graduation! Don’t have a senior yet? Please tell your friends about me. I’d appreciate it greatly. Thank you!

    www.TNGseniors.com <- Senior Site




  • The Heat and the Hunger

    August 28, 2016

    As summer is ending, it’s almost like we walk out of the house each day, feel the air and say, “Dang. It’s still hot. Maybe tomorrow!” The heat likes to hold onto Vegas for as long as it possibly can. Despite it all, there are some who will brave the summer heat in the name of photographic art and get a family portrait made. This family, in particular, not only had to do what all families do and prepare for the portrait with proper clothing choices, no doubt convincing kids to sit for the portrait and find a free moment in their calendar but also had to do it all in the summer heat right before they headed off to a delicious barbecue dinner! I tried my best to stay interesting but there is no doubt in my mind the thoughts of Lucille’s BBQ weighed heavily on them while I made my typical banter. I think my efforts were worth it! You can’t even tell the family is eager for dinner! 🙂 A big thank you to this family for braving the late afternoon heat while hungry. Enjoy your preview!


    las vegas family photographer portrait outdoors family of 7 las vegas family photographer portrait outdoors family of 7 las vegas family photographer portrait outdoors family of 7 las vegas family photographer portrait outdoors family of 7 las vegas family photographer portrait outdoors family of 7 las vegas family photographer portrait outdoors family of 7 las vegas family photographer portrait outdoors family of 7 las vegas family photographer portrait outdoors family of 7


    By the way, we are going to Zion National Park again this fall! Family portraits, senior portraits, individuals, couples, doesn’t matter. Join us and have a unique experience! Info below:

    las vegas family photographer zion national park utah





  • Taylor and Kyle – Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

    June 16, 2016

    Meet Taylor. Taylor married Kyle. They are super happy people and a load of fun to photograph! It being summertime, it was a nice refreshing 113 degrees outside on the day of their wedding. We pulled through though and got a ton of great images. I’m happy for you guys! Thanks for being so fun!


    Here are a few random images I liked from the wedding…

    las vegas lds wedding bride bridal photography temple

    las vegas lds temple wedding photography bride and groom


    las vegas wedding lds temple bride groom candids portraits photography

  • A new interview and headshots

    February 24, 2016

    Today, I thought I’d feature a fun and ultra-friendly businesswoman, Brooke Flake of SociaLite. She specializes in taking care of social media marketing so that business owners can focus their attention and time on other things. Check out her website and see if she can help you and your business!


    1) Tell us about what you do.

    We’ve all heard that “the best advertising is word of mouth,” but today people are “talking” more on social media than anywhere else. I help businesses join that conversation and connect with current and future customers online! I spend my days creating custom social media strategies, generating creative content, interacting with my client’s fans, designing targeted ads, running contests, monitoring growth and ROI and staying up on the latest in social media trends. My job is to provide social media that drives results for busy business owners, so they can get back to doing what they do best!

    las vegas business headshots

    2) What inspires you about your work?

    I love how powerful social media can be for creating and strengthening relationships, personally and professionally. I love to show business owners how we can harness that power and turn current and future customers into advocates and evangelists for their brand. I love that you don’t need a big ad in the yellow pages anymore. A small, passionate group of people on social media can (and will) tell the world about you!


    las vegas corporate headshots

    3) What separates you the most from your competitors?

    I’m competitively priced while providing really high quality services. My content is never spammy or generic–everything is directly relevant to my client’s business and really consistent with brand identity and the strategy. I don’t use techniques that inflate numbers to impress clients. I focus on building a highly targeted, quality audience for your business comprised of the people who are most likely to become paying customers.


    las vegas headshots

    4) What do your customers expect from you?

    My clients depend on me to really listen to them. Each business is unique and has their own goals. I take the time right away to really understand those goals and create a winning social media strategy specifically tailored to achieve them. My clients expect creative content, responsiveness to their fans, monthly ROI-based reports on results, open communication, and complete dedication to the success of their business on social media!

    las vegas headshots

    5) What are you most proud of with your line of work?

    I’m really proud of my ability to channel the business owner’s unique style and vision when I do my work for them. I put a lot of time and effort into understanding their brand so I can be true to it.

    Thanks so much for reading, and thanks to the incredibly talented Nate for these great shots! If you’re curious about what I could do for your business on social media, let’s chat! I’m offering $50 in targeted digital advertising FREE to any TNG Photography Blog readers who work with me in February or March! You can reach me at brooke@socialitebranding.com or 702-706-3626. Please visit my website as well!



    las vegas business headshots




  • Las Vegas Family Portraits FAQ and not so-FAQ …. and a senior :)

    November 3, 2015

    Everyone, family portrait time is here yet again and my calendar is filling up so make sure you do not wait to schedule soon! Call me and visit the gallery here: http://www.TNGphoto.com (702)809-9763

    las vegas family mini session special


    Just for fun, I thought I’d take a minute to answer a few common questions I receive and a few not so common questions concerning family portraits. I hope you find this helpful. Please leave a comment!


    (Facebook question)

    In Vegas, some couples may want to do fun location shoots at popular tourist spots. How do you suggest relax and strike a pose while you have lots of onlookers?

    It can definitely be intimidating for people to be in front of a camera so adding a location that is very populated to the mix might be asking for a lot from the subjects’ nerves. My suggestion would be to start somewhere more private or secluded before moving out to a place like the strip. I would prefer they get comfortable with me, the photographer, right away before ever being in a heavily populated area. Once they have adjusted to being in front of my camera, they’ll have one less worry on their plate. On top of that, I think it’s the photographer’s job to lead the session the right direction and keep the energy up wherever the session takes place. Let’s say I was on the strip photographing someone with a lot of people around and I wasn’t much for conversation, instruction, direction and fun, then the subject(s) are going to overthink how they are standing, how they are looking and overthink everything else around them! On the other hand, by being fun, energetic, very involved, etc. then there won’t be that much time to worry about those around us because the attention will be entirely on the task at hand and on whatever I am saying. Yes, someone might walk by and say something like, “Who are they?” or “What’s your number?!” or something along those lines but those comments are easily ignored with a quick smile and head nod from the photographer. One last thing to remember is although the people around you might look at you, they more than likely look at me (unless the subject(s) are supermodels of course), my heavy equipment and my demeanor because I tend to draw more attention from bystanders. Ya know what? I don’t really mind the attention. It’s fun!


    (Facebook question)

    Nate, what if a family member misses the time of family portrait, can you insert a new picture of that family member into that family portrait.

    This is BIG! Oftentimes, a family session is cancelled entirely because one (or more) family member could not be there. In most cases, this DOES NOT have to be a reason to end the entire session, thanks to today’s technology. I’ll give you an example: a few months ago, I was scheduled to photograph a family at Anthem Country Club. The family arrived where we discussed but I was told that one of the men could not be there due to work. I said to them that I would photograph the portrait with the intention of adding him into the portrait later. Here is a before and after:

    las vegsa Family Photo Portrait Head Swap Photoshop

    Notice the man on the far left was added into the final portrait. I had to photograph him at a later date and with careful lighting and perspective, the result is beautiful!


    (Facebook question)

    What about windy days & outside shoots?

    Contrary to popular belief, the desert of Las Vegas actually does have seasons; windy cool, windy cold, windy warm and windy hot w/a chance of windy. 🙂 Yes, it’s VERY windy here and extreme winds are oftentimes not ideal to have a family portrait made in. A bit of a breeze or light winds are not much of a worry though. Here are some suggestions:

    • If it’s too windy outside (or too cold for that matter) you might want to consider having the family portrait created inside your own home. Who do you know has a family portrait created in or around YOUR home? Only you will! Also, if done outside your home, sometimes the surrounding homes and trees can reduce the wind. During our planning discussions, I’ll let you know if this is a good possibility to consider/
    • Sometimes the wind is sporadic so timing becomes crucial. Many portraits have been created during the brief lull between gusts!
    • Turning the body or tilting the head the right direction can also alleviate the wind’s punches but more often than not, this means the sun ends up in your face and your portrait won’t look that great. It’s rare that this option works for me in the middle of the day. The stars just don’t align much for me here. Clouds are also rare for me here in the desert. 🙂
    • Keep an eye on the forecast. These details help us know what to expect and let us know if a better day or time is better or if the location should be moved indoors.
    • Retouching can also help with unruly hairs that would not cooperate but this should not be our main option. I can’t fix your hairstyle much, only get rid of strays that we could not fix in person.


    (Facebook question)

    What’s the best lighting for portraits? To create smooth skin and make the eye color pop!

    The best lighting for a portrait is whatever light fits your vision and creates the mood, depth and emotion you are trying to convey. There is almost an endless amount of possibilities with lighting so there is no short answer to this question. Generally though, for the average person, a softer light source is more flattering and helps reduce skin texture and imperfections. Large light sources (in comparison to the subject) accomplish this. For example, the sun is gigantic but in comparison to us, in the sky it is very much a small spot light so it brings out texture, creates hard edged shadows and isn’t the most flattering. On a cloudy day, the sun is covered but it is illuminating the clouds which take up the entire sky so the light source is effectively larger (entire sky vs. sun/spot in the sky) so shadows on the light is diffuses and shadows are much softer so textures in faces are reduced, giving a more flattering look.

    As far as eyes go, the light needs to be big to make the colors pop. That light source could be the open sky when the subject is in shade, a reflector placed close to the subject, soft box, umbrella, a large box truck, you name it! For eyes to pop, the color of the eyes MUST show which means the pupils need to constrict in order to make the iris more abundant. In general, if the pupils are large (usually when indoors) then there will be less color to see and the subject can look strange, even alien-like. Oftentimes, the subject won’t know why they don’t love the portrait but can’t put a reason to their feeling. It’s up to the photographer to be crafty and get more light into the eyes to bring out the iris color and not make the subject squint.

    (Facebook question)

    How do I not look like Jabba the Hutt?

    Hire me for your family portraits! 🙂 Lighting, posing and post processing will help with these issues. Darker clothes and long sleeves are more slimming. Avoiding patterns also helps. Just trust the photographer to make you look more like Princess Leah than Jabba the Hutt!


    Please contact me for your family portraits! I’d love to hear what you have in mind!

    (702)809-9763 – TNGphoto.com

    I had the opportunity to photograph a talented lacrosse player named Jaxon for his senior portraits. Jaxon runs a little business (and has a TON of followers on Instagram) restringing lacrosse sticks. He is very goal oriented and he’s no doubt going places! I had a great time photographing him and his family!

    las vegas mesa park family portrait photography picture

    (Jaxon’s family in Las Vegas)

    las vegas family portrait photographer family of 5 mesa park summerlin

    las vegas family portrait photographer family of 5 mesa park summerlin

    bishop gorman high school senior las vegas photographer mesa park

    bishop gorman high school senior las vegas photographer mesa park

    bishop gorman high school senior las vegas photographer mesa park

    bishop gorman high school senior las vegas photographer mesa park


  • Las Vegas Senior Photographer – Class of 2016 is up!

    August 6, 2015

    2015 is flying by, isn’t it? Well, we have a new baby at home (6 months old now) so the year is going quickly but very slowly at the same time. Those with kids will understand…


    I remember when I was in school, when the summer arrived and school was out I would always think I had so much time to enjoy my time off.

    “June is just getting started. There’s tons of time!” later turned into, “It’s only July! A lot more time before school!” which begrudgingly turned into, “School is starting again. Summer went by too fast!” I can still remember when the news would be on the t.v. at home and the newscasters would often have segments about how parents were prepping their kids for the new school year. This was always an annoying reminder that soon enough, school would be back in session.

    These days, now that my high school life has been long gone for quite sometime now, I rather enjoy the new upcoming school year because it brings with it my personal favorite thing to photograph, high school senior portraits!
    Meet Holly. Holly is graduating in 2016. She is an incredibly talented cheerleader and competes at a very high level. She was also very funny and made me laugh several times which is always impressive to me. I had a great time with she and her mom and I look forward to her next session in February!


    Check out TNGseniors.com or call (702)809-9763 and let’s create something awesome!


    las vegas senior photographer 16b las vegas senior photographer las vegas senior photographer las vegas senior photos 16f 16gtop las vegas senior photographer portraits



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