Since you’re nice enough to have made it to this website, I assume photography is important to you. It sure is important to me! It excites me to create images that I know my clients are going to proudly share with others; photographs that they can love and cherish for years. I love how the portraits I create can have a quiet, soft and timeless feeling about them and I also love creating images that tell a story about those in the photograph. I love what I do!

You can find a photographer almost anywhere. I bet you know a few yourself or have seen a few on Facebook here and there. In the end, vision is what counts. The camera is simply the tool and a means to an end. There are plenty of terrible photos taken with really great cameras!

So what sets TNG Photography apart from Everyone Else? ALOT

  • 1) Timeless Imagery. The work I create is meant to be something you can love and appreciate for a long, long time. Creating portraits that don’t go out of style is what I am always striving to achieve.

  • 2) Satisfaction Guarantee. My goal is to always bring happiness with the work I create. I want you to not just be satisfied but absolutely thrilled with your photographs! If you are not happy with the work, I will gladly take additional portraits for you and reprint your order at no charge.

  • 3) FREE Portrait Planning Consultation. For many people, being in front of a camera is not a fun thing and can be downright scary. The Portrait Planning Consultation is a great way for me to get to know you and your family. The more comfortable my subjects are with me, the better they look in their portraits. I take the time to hear from you what you are hoping for and wanting so that everyone is prepared for the portrait session.

  • 4) Retouching & Enhancement. A portrait is a work of art that needs to be polished and perfected. Each finished portrait is adjusted to make the finest print possible. Along with retouching of faces to eliminate blemishes and unwanted wrinkles and acne, beautiful rich and deep colors fill your image with absolute clarity.

  • 5) VARIETY. Not only variety in locations, posing, expressions and composition but you can expect a variety in product offerings, finishes and framing.

  • 6) SERVICE. I want your entire experience to be memorable and enjoyable. I produce very high quality photography along with a high quality service to go along with it!

  • 7) KNOWLEDGE. I love that digital photography has exploded and brought photography to so many people but having a nice camera isn’t all there is to creating beautiful images. The fact is, most photographers have little to no skill at all when it comes to lighting, posing and expression. I promise I’ll use all my skills to create beautiful artwork for you and your loved ones.

  • 8) QUALITY. I’m quite picky in life. I’m picky with my friends, my food and especially my work. Every aspect of your portrait will be assessed so that you have the highest quality image possible. Everything from the pose, the background, the lighting used, the composition and expression must be a meticulously analyzed before I ever capture a photograph. The end results are absolutely amazing!