You probably have a lot of pictures of your children on your phone and your computer. Think long and hard for a moment and tell me how many of them really showcase what life is like for your child? Do any of them tell a story from your child’s perspective? You know what, don’t think about it, go look! I’ll wait right here. You take your time! No rush at all.

Hey, you’re back! Great! What did you find? I was right wasn’t I? I knew it! Now, wouldn’t it be great if I offered a very special product that tells a story of your child from a journalistic, fly on the wall perspective?

The “Day in the Life of…” is a luxury item that makes a great keepsake for any home. I recommend this for kids ages 3-8 years old. The day does not have to be any special event if you don’t want it to be. The “Day in the Life of…” package includes a beautiful 20-30 page memory album of the highest quality and includes a digital storage option of the images as well!

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