Oftentimes at night, when my boys and my wife have fallen asleep for the night, I sit quietly and reflect upon the day. It’s a habit of mine to collect my thoughts, assess what occurred that day and to think about what tomorrow will bring. I am not alone with this particular habit as I doubt I am the only person in town who likes to collect his thoughts at the end of the day. Still though, it is a part of my daily routine that helps me feel complete and more at ease before I go to bed.

Sometimes, my mind wanders at this time and I think of my friends and family and how I feel about all of them. At times, I even imagine what it would be like not having them around anymore. While this can be unsettling to think about, it is inevitability that all of them will one day be gone… and so will I. Yes, yes, I know, the world can’t possibly go on with out little ol’ me but it’s true!

Ultimately, only a few things will remain of us one day; our journals and letters, home videos, maybe a few audio recordings and of course, our photographs. This is why I developed the Legacy Portrait line. To be frank, they are meant to be something for your family and friends to hold onto after you are gone one day. Often introspective and minimalistic, these portraits focus on your inner self and character that will ultimately be what others remember most about you.