How much do you charge?
That is a broad question to answer due to different requirements for each individual client. In general, there is a session fee that will cover the time it takes to create your images and afterwards, we all become happily involved reviewing the photographs together. There is no minimum order and all work is 100% guaranteed to make you happy. Feel free to call me to chat at (702)809-9763 anytime and tell me what you have in mind.

Will you take care of our skin for us?
I never give out unfinished work which is why retouching is included at no additional charge. Not only will you be photographed with the most flattering angles, perspectives, posing and lighting, careful attention to detail will be used to fix blemishes, stray hairs, background distractions, unwanted weight, etc. etc. In other words, you are going to look absolutely amazing.

What kind of camera should I buy?
Check out and it can guide you through the process of buying a camera. You’re welcome to fill out the contact form above and ask for my opinion on a camera you are considering.

Your photos are beautiful! Do you use Photoshop?
Thank you! Photoshop is only a small piece of the puzzle when creating a TNG portrait. My main focus is creating quality imagery in-camera, before the photographs ever reach a computer. The quality of my work is due to years of training, knowledge and skill with lighting, posing, camera techniques and communication skills. Photoshop is the final tool in the process.

Are you available to travel worldwide?

Yes, I am available to travel worldwide. Just let me know what you are thinking and we will work out the details.

What kind of camera do you use?
I use Canon digital camera equipment.

Is this all you do?
YES! Photography is my full time career. It isn’t something I do on the side. Just for fun, read this blog post I wrote on this subject by clicking here:

Do you work with pets?
Oftentimes, my clients want their pets in some or all of their photographs. I am happy always happy to include animals in portraits or even photograph them by themselves!

What if I don’t like the pictures?
If for any reason you are not happy with your portraits, I will create additional portraits for you at no extra charge or provide a full refund. I want you to be overjoyed with the images I produce for you and will move mountains to make you happy!

What should I wear?
We will go over clothing when we are planning your session but generally, I recommend darker, solid colors mainly because darker colors are slimming and don’t distract from faces. Where you plan on displaying your images is also a factor that determines clothing choices so like I said, we’ll go over clothing more in detail when we plan your session.

Ok, what now?
Call me anytime at (702)809-9763 or fill out the contact form. I am looking forward to meeting you!